Our Facilities

Talented announcers and experienced engineers are paramount for a successful production. The icing on the cake comes from expert use of world class recording equipment in professionally designed acoustical spaces.

At Cue we pride ourselves on advanced studio architecture, the latest gear, and keen implementation.



(5) audio suites equipped with Pro Tools HD, professionally designed control rooms and studios, WiFi, and comfortable seating. ¬†Studio “A” and The Red Room are excellent choices for music recording, while Studio “B” and “C” are designed specifically for voice-overs. ¬† Record and mix to picture in sync, or lay standard audio tracks for later use.

Audio Mastering…

A specialized control room where final audio masters are refined for broadcast, replication, and other forms of delivery.

A partial list of our gear…

  • Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, and EV microphones
  • API, Avalon, and Neve microphone preamps
  • Avalon, Neve, and Manley vocal compressors
  • SSL 4000E mixing console
  • Avid Pro Tools HD recording systems
  • Studer analog recording machines
  • Lexicon, Eventide reverb and effects processors
  • Waves “plug-in” software suites
  • Melodyne pitch correction software
  • Fostex and Sony headphones
  • Genelec, Event, and Sonodyne monitors


Cue has a studio dedicated to CD and DVD duplication.  Services include digital editing, track sequencing, EQ and compression enhancement, in-house graphic design for disc faces, full color ink-imprinting, and black and white thermal printing. Many orders can be scheduled after your session when time is of the essence.

Lounge Amenities…

Cable television, coffee, tea, soda beverages, WiFi, and an eating area.

Cue Studios is pleased to be members of the following organizations: